Address: Slezska 55, Praha 3, Praha, Czech Republic  
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   INTERNET RATES IN 2011/2012
Single €69 (Save up to 65%)
Double €69 (Save up to 67%)
Junior Suite €85 (Save up to 62%)
Suite €85 (Save up to 64%)
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Hotel Sieber

Hotel SieberThe Hotel Sieber is a stylish Prague hotel whose architecture combines modern design with elegant decoration. The Hotel Sieber is located in the heart of Prague, close to major tourist attractions and financial districts making it an ideal base for both business and leisure travellers.

From the moment you arrive you will be greeted by the hotel's friendly and professional staff who will strive to meet your every need, ensuring you a truly relaxing and soothing stay in this wonderful hotel
Hotel SieberThe rooms at this superb hotel are fully equipped with the finest facilities including internet and fine furnishings, ensuring you have a relaxing and carefree stay.

The Hotel Sieber offers its guests an uncompromising level of service, combining a personal touch with effortless efficiency. With a superior level of dedication, the Hotel Sieber can promise all its guests an idyllic stay in the utmost comfort.
Hotel Sieber , Slezska 55, Praha 3, Praha, Czech Republic
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